This is my story....

Sitting in restful contemplation, eyes closed; out of the darkness toppling end over end toward me came a two edged sword. Hovering and vibrating ten feet in front of me it stopped. Its music was the sound of steel being struck like a tuning fork. The ringing hummed softly and never stopped. Indigo observed the Sword and the Sword observed her. The Sword was alive....

The one blade edge faced her. The hilt was of gold with the Caduceus intertwining the hilt shaft. Seems we were both hovering in space for a long time. Then as though the Sword had come to a conclusion, the tip leaned ever so slowly forward touching the top of Indigo's head. The Sword then proceeded to move down through the center of her body, the two sides slowly turning away from each other like a soft candle BEing divided down the middle, the wick untouched, standing tall and erect (the core BEing). 

The core BEing now observing the upright Sword noticing that one side of the blade was black and the other side was white. Indigo's eyes fell on the Edge. The Sword quivered, then slowly turned end over end and returned into the darkness from whence it came.

The Sword appears almost every day since Its first visitation five months ago. It doesn't matter if it is night or day, working, talking, etc. When the Sword appears, Indigo knows that there is a decision, a choice that will have to BE made on something in her life. Her prayer as she looks at that Swords Edge is; what ever she chooses will BE for the BEtter for the Whole in Love, Peace, Joy, Balance. Then she follows her heart and prays that her choice will make a difference. A difference for the BEtter through the chain reaction from the choice made. One of these choices was to serve as a volunteer for two weeks with the Buffalo Field Campaign out side of West Yellowstone, Montana. Indigo shares with you the highlights from her journal from those two weeks. You may hear the call of the Buffalo and you to may BE drawn to make a choice to make a Difference...

It is now June 11, 2001, four months since Indigo spent two weeks as a volunteer with the Buffalo Field Campaign outside of West Yellowstone, Montana. BEfore sharing her experiences with BFC and Yellowstone's buffalo, Indigo sends her "Thank You " to Gumby {Jeffrey Montgomery}, a Tracker brother for placing the first BFC information into her hands.

AND Indigo's deep Heart and Soul "Thank You" to the Yellowstone wild Buffalo herd. They give their lives still as they put out a call to the Children of Light to come and unite.

A friend wrote recently, she said "When you get time, write and tell me about your trip to Montana and what exactly did you do for them?" " The Yellowstone Bison come out of the park mostly during winter and into April and May. They follow their natural migratory routes to come into lower country for food. Montana's Department of Live Stock claim that this wild herd will pass a disease, brucellosis, on to Montana's cattle. The Buffalo Field Campaign sponsored by Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers; a non-profit organization, patrol, monitor and document the buffalo and the Montana Department of Livestock agents. All documentation, video and other evidence goes to court to fight for the right that the last wild herd of Buffalo in the United States may live.

There has never BEen a documented case of Bison passing brucellosis on to cattle. There is an issue going on here of our last wild Buffalo herd in the United States BEing shot --NOW...

There were only 23 wild buffalo left during Theodore Roosevelt's term. In l902 President Theodore Roosevelt created the Yellowstone National Park so these magnificent animals may live. Today the herd was up to over 3000. In l996-l997 the DOL shot l, 080 buffalo that came out of the park. This was 1/3 of the existing herd. The DOL took the hides and heads. The carcasses were left to lie where they were. Some carcasses were taken to the dump. The reservation Indians were notified. They could come and salvage what they could. 

Cattle are allowed to move into the Yellowstone Park certain times of the year to graze. What I'm seeing here are ranchers raising their cattle in our National Park and DOL are shooting our last herd of wild buffalo. How can this possible BE??? But, it is... This is for real.

Since I was able to pull a pay check at the age of l8, some of my tax dollars went to maintain national parks. Third dimensionally the national parks BElong to the people, to us. The animals that the parks were created for are there for us too; and we are there for them---if we choose to BE.

We, the parks, the animals, all that IS are all in the Creator's Sacred Body, therefore, if any part of that Sacred Body gets hurt, we can feel it--like an arm, a leg, etc. Reading about, then seeing and hearing the video showing the abuse and annihilation of the wild buffalo trespassed into my space. I felt it--and still hold the silence of that pain. When your physical body gets hurt, you feel the pain. You also feel the pain when an extension of your Sacred Body gets hurt.

There is a video the BFC puts out on the harassing and killing of our last wild buffalo, and also a really good newsletter-more like a newspaper-both very well done. If you are drawn, call BFC. They will send you the newsletter and volunteer information if you request. Check on the fee for the video.

So why is Indigo putting out to her Families this information? Indigo does know that the whole experience for the two weeks at BFC was an Awareness Walking Dream. Dirt time was applied to the Philosophies, Scout, Caretaker, Standard, Healing, Prophecy etc. etc. Whatever classes in Life you have taken, you can apply this Awareness Walking Dream to your dirt time.

In Scout Martial Arts class a few years back, I had a problem Becoming aggressive. I couldn't feel the reason for the stabbing, jabbing, punching, and kicking maneuvers. One day I had a break through - or a break down? All of a sudden I couldn't punch, elbow, or kick hard enough. Tears filled my eyes. I couldn't see. My nose was running all down my face. I didn't care. Hit, elbow, kick, punch, I couldn't do any of it hard enough. Then I heard but could not see, Vanessa, our lady instructor say to my partner, "Henry, take all she can give you." In my vague mind I thought "Gee there must BE something going on here." Finally, I could not lift an arm or a knee. I was spent and exhausted. The tears stopped. I felt strange. It took an afternoon to figure out what happened.

For years I had physical, mental and spiritual abuse. I would never fight back. Now a Light was shed on giving myself permission to protect my own personal space. I have come to know within myself when my space has BEen trespassed upon.

The Scout Martial Arts - now called Scout Protector - surfaced during the two weeks Indigo spent with the BFC, in the Spirit and in the Soul-mind {the way Indigo thinks). These words that Indigo writes now is the Scout Protector surfacing in the physical. Manifested written words when read and acted upon can make a Difference. 


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