This is my story....Continued


When I watched the BFC video, there are smiles on some of the faces that were responsible for shooting the Buffalo. The grizzlies too. Shake hands; smile at the camera with the dead one at their feet. And a trophy on the wall. I AM not here to judge. I have just stated above what leaves me heart sick, what leaves me with grief.

My space has BEen trespassed upon and Indigo's BEingness says, " Enough, back off". What am I going to do of the Buffalo, the Wolf, the Grizzly and other Wildlife on Mother Earth's dilemma???? Writing these pages is a start.

I ask, " What would Grandfather Stalking Wolf do"? " BE the last to pick up the lance ". He said. All I can say for me is to, "BE the BEst that I can BE and do the BEst that I can do with what ever it is that I AM".

To me, writing these pages is burnishing Indigo's Shield. Indigo is preparing to make a stand. How, I don't know-. I pray to BE open for the guidance of Light and Love. I won't know how this was done until it is all over. The knowledge from a battle BEst hones ones skills for the next battle, until battle is needed no more.

There are volumes of pros and cons on what is to BE done with the last of Yellowstone National Parks wild Buffalo herd. Native American issues and rights fall into these volumes. Until a solution is reached, the Buffalo Field Campaign will buy time, twenty-four hours at a time to save these magnificent animals from extinction.

In the process, sightings of Elk, BEar, Eagle, Swan, Wolves, Ducks, Fox, Coyotes, BEaver, etc., are recorded and documented by the BFC. All are part of the eco-system. All have a right to live here in their space on Mother Earth.

May 24

I called BFC. The up date on BFC news is; the week after I left BFC and returned to Pa., eight volunteers were arrested. Some were sent to jail in Bozeman and some sent to jail in West Yellowstone. The volunteers that were not arrested went on a --no food set down-- along with the ones in prison. They are all out now. They were arrested BEcause they were in the way when the helicopters hazed eight Buffalo toward the volunteers to get the Buffalo back into the park. The volunteers were in the way, were arrested and sent to jail.

May 26

100 Buffalo were hazed back into the park by helicopter. Small calves were ran with the herd for seven miles. They all made it into the park. Sometimes calves are run that they can't go any more. They drop, they die. One buff went off to the side into the bushes and gave birth to one calf.

The good news is that the Horse Butt capture facility has BEen closed down and dismantled. This is where the Bald Eagle sanctuary is located. The Buffalo would BE herded into the facility with snowmobiles, trucks, and helicopters. From there they might BE trucked to the slaughterhouse and shot. The tipi is no longer needed at that site and has BEen taken down.

June l4

I called BFC. Five volunteers on duty. It is quiet. DOL are living in the house at Duck Pond. Cattle have BEen left loose to graze on the public land parks. 

So who are these Children of Light Warriors who hear the call of the Buffalo and come? How do you tell them from the masses out there wondering lost in their own dead oblivion? I was at BFC with them and I could see into their eyes. I could see what their hearts had written into their eyes. Their ages ranged from l7 to 39. Indigo was the oldest at age 65. There were about 30 to 35 volunteers at any one given time. They came and went. Others come to fill the gap. A BEautiful Cosmic Dance.

When Indigo interviewed the following BFC volunteers, there were nine questions that surfaced that she asked each one.
1: name
2: age
3: Where were you born?
4: What school did you attend, and or previous or present employment BEfore coming to BFC?
5: How did you find out about BFC?
6: Why come to help the Buffalo and not other creatures?
7: How long have you BEen helping BFC?
8: What is your choice of your possible future?

Indigo now introduces you to my BFC brothers and sisters.

Megan- 20 -Montana -Natural food store - Klatch Coffee Cafe, in Boise, Idaho. - Touched me in a spot that I was never touched BEfore - 6 month since August 2000 - I want to BE a Healer.

Grumble - 37 - New Mexico - Trained people interested in non-violence environmental activism - He learned how to train from living life - Knew Mike Mease. Mike asked him to come help. -Buffalo is part of the USA ecosystem and he sees no justification in eliminating the species - since l997 - Continue activism.

Sean - 20 - San Diego, Calif. - Blockbuster Video, car mechanic -A mutual BFC volunteer friend - Conservation of true reality, wildlife and nature, and come together with like minded people - One and one half months in 2001 - Teacher of art and independent thought.

Neil -24 -Maryland -Family business, wood-finishing boats - Saw a Buffalo painted on a van in Jackson, Wyoming. They were campaigning for volunteers, felt he could do something more valuable with his time - One and one half weeks since February 01, 2001 - He has a new positive out look on activism due to this campaign - He knows his future will take him to Africa to work with AIDS victims.

Tyler (volunteer coordinator) -l9 -San Diego, Calif. - High school drop out - From a friend, then walked 10 miles alone through Denver, Co. with just the clothes on his back. His legs cramped so bad, he had to rest. He nearly froze to death under a bridge. A truck driver gave him a ride. In Santa Cruz he met a BFC volunteer on a bus. -He cares for the Earth. This was an opportunity to stand up for the wild life - l3 months, 4 months as volunteer coordinator - Live as close to Earth and nature as possible - Is going into full survival in nature with a friend.

Doug - 28 - Montana, originally Georgia - Restaurant work, book store - BFC moved in next to his property - l996 & l997, 1,080 Buffalo were shot by DOL. He did not like seeing the guts, hooves, and blood everywhere. Coyotes and ravens had a feast. They were everywhere scavenging, cleaning up mans leavings. DOL took the hides and heads and left the rest lay. - Since l997 - Doug is not leaving his home. - Part of his home is the presence of the Buffalo.

Frog - 22 - Spokane, Washington - Construction worker - Older sister is into environmental studies - Spirit of the Buffalo, he does not understand it in words - Since Oct. 2000 - He is one of many now forming a solid campaign in issues of animal rights, unsustainable logging and will help to protect the last wild corridors of the wild.

Matt - 26 - Minneapolis, Minn. - Is a full time activist on animal rights. - A student of SOAR at Minnesota University - Earth First Journal, friends from AIM, and Campaign on nations highways - Opposition to domestication of animals out away from the city - Is against seeing the last species of the wild Buffalo BEing wiped out. - One week - Will work on issues of the mink farms and different liBEration movements.

Lumpy - l9 - Maine - Health food store, activist on Forest Defense - An acquaintance - Has done a lot of animal right activism - Three weeks - Doesn't know - prefers to BE sporadic.

Summer (coordinator) - 24 - Washington - College degrees/ Resources Conservation and Wilderness studies, is on the board of Directors at BFC and also coordinator of legal, media and volunteers - Was in Montana and saw a newspaper at college and college open discussion and a park ranger showed videos on a tour - She lives in Montana and issues were close to home. BFC is the first direct action campaign she chose to experience - Off and on for four years - Search out info on non-profit groups, search out community and land to live survival with old skills; basketry, pottery, weaving, natural dyes, etc.

Chipmunk (maintenance coordinator) - 25 - New York - Forest Defense Activist - Seeds of Peace (a collective on activism), provided logistical provisions for organized activist gatherings, regards to food, porta potties, etc., - Neighboring campaign of forest and logging in Idaho - Buffalo are a part of the major essential eco-system in North America. - Maintenance Coordinator for 9 months a year for 3 years - may check out Alaska - No vision of possible future.

Julie - 23 - Germany - College degrees/ Marine Biology, now Wildlife Biology and waiting on tables - Roommate volunteered at BFC for a summer - No particular reason that she is aware of - Will stay a few days, then go back to classes - Help to save the World, not sure how.

Peter - 24 - California - College degrees/ Philosophy and Religion, teaches outdoor environmental education. Was a Noles instructor this spring - At college, a BFC introduction - Was familiar with a herd of imported Buffalo when living in Hawaii. It seemed natural to follow the path - 3 months in all in 2 years time - Excited about BEcoming a Nole outward bound instructor and will continue activism.

Mark - 32 - North Carolina - BA degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Arts and Computer Art manages an art gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. - Honey BEar Coffee Shop in Seattle six months ago, picked up a BFC newsletter - He has a lot of Native American friends and can relate from the heart, he couldn't let this continue - One month - Back to school to study architect. Will buy a small mobile trailer and wander, work, buy land. Will build a self-sustainable house.

Sundog - 20 - Mass. - High school drop out, nomad, traveler, do his BEst to spread LOVE of the Creator. He is now studying the Healing Arts/Bodywork. - Info from a Soul sister on a Greyhound bus. - Quiet and gentle power. Buffalo are the oldest Elders on this island of North America. Imaginary boundaries have BEen set up for the Buffalo as it has for all of us. BFC is a direct invitation from our Elders (the Buffalo) to stand up and regain sensible Peaceful existence on Mother Earth. - Off and on for four years - Doing different Healing techniques and Earth conservation. Will BE a catalyst to set up sustainable Spiritual like mind communities with Children. He is here for all our Relations.

Cleaver - l9 - Phila. Pa. - SW Youth Corp., custodian, construction, demolition, sold lemonade. - At boarding school. alumni came to graduation and all school assembly and talked of BFC, also read in Audobon magazine of BFC and High Country newspaper. - The idea of a working field campaign, unknowing and BEing in constant contact with the wild life and the damage BEing done here is against the eco-system. There would BE no turning back. He felt a real sense of Urgency. - 3 weeks in July 2000, 2 weeks in October until Jan. 20001. Is now back (February) until April 20001. - Other kinds of environmental activism, network, staying in touch, staying well read on current events and constant contact with other activist and continue affiliation with anarchy communities.

Jared - 22- -Ohio - Dishwasher, musician in a band, guitar and drummer for two and one half years, travels a lot - One year ago BFC video shown at Bloomington, Indiana library. Also, a BFC volunteer friend, Piper. - Was always drawn to Buffalo but never saw any - 4 weeks - No plans, he likes spontaneity.

Stephanie - 28 - Ohio - College degrees/ Environmental Science and Greater Yellowstone Ecology and a semester project in Bison Management - Through research on Bison management - She felt injustice BEing done Often to the Buffalo as she went through research. - One month - Wildlife and coexistence with human populace and she never knew she would have found such greatness here at BFC. Not just the Bison but the people as well.

Jarad - 22 - Connecticut - Worked for Grass Roots and Awareness Citizens. Was injured in a car accident, after recovery wandered for a while. - Earth First Journal - He liked the country and the volunteer people. - 4 to 7 months a year for the past 3 years - BE active in campaigns and look to acquire land to survive independently.

Jen - 28 - Chicago, Ill. - College degrees/ 2 years in Zoology, Great Grizzly Group, EMT license, Wild life Fire Fighter, Swim Instructor. - Newspaper clipping through a friend - The deal against the Buffalo is such a lie, a blatant lie. - 6 months each for the past 4 years. - Educating Youth, Alternative Youth Adventure. Help to rehabilitate wayward children, also back to Great Grisly BEar Search.

Steve - 47 - Montana - Is a writer, is a friend of Mike Mease, and is visiting and passing through. - Doesn't like the way the Buffalo are treated. - He plugs the news into the media. - He says it may take the Buffalo 10 years to recover their devastation.

Emily - l7 - England - Is a musician, a drummer in a band - One and one half years ago saw a BFC video at a public library in Bloomington, Indiana. - Buffalo was a catalyst to draw her to Montana that she always wanted to see. - 2 weeks. - -Will travel as far as she can .Go to see the world. See as much as you can.

Peter - 34 - Texas - Worked with troubled teenagers, worked in tourism, does organic farming. - Knew Mike Mease from Co--Mallard Campaign in l993, then gathered with others to form BFC. - People connect with Bison. Bison connect with a lot of issues. - Native American and animal rights. He has BEen following the Buffalo issue since l990. - Since l997. - -Writing and organic farming community and to restore land to original.

Cream - 20 - Kentucky - Grocery store, restaurant, video - Through a friend - BEcause it is a Sacred Animal and is also endangered now. - Two and one half months - College; major in Psychology, Counseling, Business, then buy and live off of land.

Hannah - 22 - Indiana - Musician, plays bass guitar in a band for 4 years - Saw a flyer and a video in Bloomington, Indiana, also had BFC volunteer friends - Buffalo created and so few remaining - 2 weeks - Pass the word on of what is happening here. - Spread the word as she travels with her band.

Valerie (office coordinator) - 23 - Ohio - College/ 2 semesters, no major, worked in a kitchen appliance factory. - l999, Earth First Journal - Felt it amazing. She felt a LIGHT lit up in her when she heard of the Buffalo - -Mr. 2000 - College, Biology.

Megan - l7 - San Francisco, Calif. - Organic food co-op and an apprentice to a vegan cook. A friend. - Natural way to go, her friend was a BFC volunteer. - 6 weeks. - Evergreen University, Comprehensive Environmental Program.

BEaver - l9 - Calif. - Construction with Dad. - Stumbled across BFC on the Internet. - Drawn to Animal Rights and knew it was the Buffalo. - July 5, 2000. - College/ Eviromental Law or Anthropology and Animal Rights. It is important of what we are doing. Once the animals are gone, They Are Gone.

Miranda - l9 - Calif. - Started College, no major. Did retail work. - Earth First Journal. - Recall of the Buffalo when she was l0 years old. She felt good here with like-minded people. She felt welcome. - Off and on from 2000. First time was 2 months. - Wants to live off of the land and grow her own food.

Erika (Cook Coordinator) - 20 - Seattle, WA. - One year of college/major was Environmental Community and Core-Mallard Coalition, an environmental group. - From a friend in high school - Continuation of the killing of the Buffalo is a form of conquering the Earth. Putting the Earth into submission and destroying the eco-system. - 5-6 months in 2000, 1 month in 2001. - No moment, but she had a smile on her face.

Locust (Cook Coordinator) - 20 - Connecticut - College/one year. Forest activist in Idaho and Montana. - Magazine in college. - He can't pin it down, the Buffalo is involved with the rest. - Off and on for 2 years. - Wants to see the end of capitalism and put into place communal anarchism.

Mike Mease (Co-founder of BFC) - 39 - Pa. - College/Degrees in Psychology and Radio and T.V. - BFC is now under umbrella status with Cold Mountain-Cold River, a non-profit organization. BFC is applying for their own. BFC is funded through research of a Grant Writer Researcher and 65%of funds coming into BFC are privately donated from people around the world, Europe, Israel, Australia, to mention a few - l996-l997 he saw so many Buffalo die. l, 080 Buffalo were shot and killed out of a herd of 3,500. One third of the entire herd was decimated (in one year) by DOL through an unfounded myth of a disease, brucellosis BEing transmitted from Buffalo to cattle. These killings were done in his own back yard. This was a catalyst to do something about it. - Choice of possible future: 1/ See that Buffalo have the same rights as all other animals. 2/ Reintroduction of Buffalo herds through out the USA 3/ Back to Native American reservations. 4/BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in DeBois, Wyoming are doing a study of reintroducing Buffalo into East Montana to the Dakotas to Texas. 5/ (Poppers) Professors at Roders University, NJ are doing a study to reintroduce the Buffalo. 6/ Cold Mountain - Cold River in l990 started a non-profit environmental documentary on the Buffalo.

Fishburn (Maintenance Coordinator) - 35 - Yaak, Montana - Forest Tree Technician for 10 years - Mike Mease, a friend. - He doesn't like what the government is doing to the Buffalo. The DOL are harassing and killing. The Buffalo have a right to BE free like the deer and the elk. - Since 2000 off and on. - Will go home to fish and hunt and to gather. Will do erosion surveys in Yaak Valley Forest Council. Will work on reclamation project of native fish habitat.

Jeff - 20 - Indiana - Landscaping and Outdoor Outfitter. - Met Valerie, BFC office coordinator on a bus. - Is Native American. Dislikes genocide; his people and the Buffalo. Enough is Enough! - 5 weeks. - Calif. to help with mountain hiking trails. - Will work with more wilderness groups and classes.

Cookie - 21 - Kentucky - Farmed and was an apartment maintenance man. Worked in an Unemployment Insurance office. - Friend was a BFC volunteer. - He was close (emotionally) to a pair of Buffalo on a farm in Kentucky. Felt he could do something about the Buffalo BEing killed off here in Montana. - 2 months. - Go back to the farm in Kentucky. Raise food for his family. Live a simple life. No plans to make a lot of money.

Drazil - 21- Ohio - 2 year degree in Automotive Technology. Started a chapter in Greenville, Ohio of Anti-Racist. - Earth First Magazine. - Practice what he preaches. These Buffalo BElong on this land, they have a right to live on it unmolested. - 6 months. - Is taking a break to go skate boarding and have fun. Then return in Oct. 1, 20001 as a Maintenance Coordinator for BFC.

Piper - 22 - Chicago, Ill. - College credits/ Biology, Art, Photography, Also did woodworking, pizza shop, makes silk-screen shirts with political logos at rallies. - World Trade Organization in Seattle, There was info posted about the BFC. - Buffalo were the next thing on her life's list. - 2 weeks. - Hang out for a while. Eventually a farm that she can BE self-sufficient.

Indigo - 65 - PA. - College/credits in Occupational Therapy, Is a Certified Massage Therapist (six techniques) and foot reflexology. Was a yoga instructor, and a factory Garment Sewing Machine Operator, a professional wood carver and has BEen attending Tom Brown Jr's Tracking, Nature, Wilderness Survival School in New Jersey since l997. And LIFE. - A Tracker Brother, Gumby. - Is drawn to the Buffalo since 5 years of age when in the first grade she drew silhouettes of Buffalo on the black board. - 2 weeks, Feb. into Mr., 2001. - Where ever she can serve for the BEtter for the whole.

That is it. I can write no more. The original pages of this Buffalo Document were hand written by Candlelight. That is the way Indigo lives at this time of her life.

May the LIGHT from that candle flame (even tho extinguished) continue to move out into the Universe. May that LIGHT move into your Heart and your Soul-Mind.

Thank You All For BEing There.
Indigo: PO Box l46, Bangor, PA.l80l3---6l0-588-8821


PO Box 957, West Yellowstone, MT 59758.

406-646-0070;fax 406-646-007l; 


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